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Whether you have come here to meet my superb guinea pigs, find out information about guinea pigs, see stacks of gorgeous piggy pics, animations or movies, listen to pigger noises, play guinea games, or anything else you could possibly think of – you will not be disappointed! 

Get Involved

If you want to get involved, please feel free to send us pics of any of your pets for the guest pigs and non-pig pets galleries. And if you want to make any comments or suggestions for the site, for example a new link, or something you would like to see on these pages, let me know. Enjoy!

Care Information

 If you are at all worried about the health of your cavy even if it is just a hunch, please get it to a good vet as soon as possible and seek proper medical attention. The best piece of advice I can give is to find a good cavy vet, with an emergency service before you need one.

Guinea pigs hide illnesses very well. In the wild this means they are less recognisable as the weakest of the bunch which predators will go for first. At home, this simply means that by the time your pig is showing signs of illness, it may well have been unwell for a while and is probably in need of urgent treatment to survive.

medium coated white and brown animal
brown and white guinea pig on pink textile
brown guinea pig on brown wooden table
white and brown guinea pig on brown wood
white and brown guinea pigs
brown and white guinea pig